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Tips for minimal-effort summer makeup look

In summertime and we want to look fresh, sun-kissed, natural but slightly improved, and we want it easy. We don’t want to be spending too much time getting ready but to be able to leave our homes fast for some spontaneous get-togethers with friends. We want to be able to do quick touch-ups on the go without bringing a huge makeup bag, and we want the makeup to last as well as possible through our summer activities. We gathered some tips on how to create and maintain a summer look with minimal amount of time, effort and products.


Makeup spreads and stays on better when your skin is exfoliated and moisturized. Get rid of dead skin cells a couple of times a week with an exfoliating scrub or mask, or go even further with a dermaplaning blade that also removes peach fuzz (fine facial hair), making your skin a super smooth canvas for makeup. 

Use a moisturizer, preferably with an SPF, under the makeup. Remember to hydrate your skin also internally by making sure you drink enough water especially on hot days.

Get a fake tan. The cornerstone of a desired summer look, a nice tan just makes the skin look so much better that it doesn’t need much else. The healthy way to get it is of course using self-tanning products at home or getting a spray tan. You’ll end up having less to cover up with makeup when the tan evens out the skin tone, making small imperfections less visible.

Tips for minimal-effort summer makeup look

Staying power

Primer has been described as the double-sided tape in between skin and makeup. Use it to fill the fine lines and pores and keep your makeup in place. 

Even if you’re not planning on swimming, switching whatever you can into water- and smudge-resistant products will help with sweating and humidity. 

A setting spray or powder seals in moisture and makeup, also making the whole makeup more smudge- and water-resistant.

Multi-purpose uses of your makeup products

To diminish the size of your summer makeup bag, besides going for mini and travel sizes, you can use the same products for different purposes. 

For example, the fastest way to a natural, barely-there eyeshadow look is to apply your bronzer also to the outer corners of your eyelids with the same big, soft brush you’re applying it to your face. 

Loose pigment powder can be transformed into concealer with more coverage by mixing with water, oil or moisturizer. As long as it’s lighter than your skin tone, you can use it to subtly accentuate the inner corners of the eyes and the vermilion border above the upper lip. 

For highlighting your cheek bones, you can use lip balm or gloss, and lipstick can be used as blush. The possibilities are almost endless.

summer makeup tips

Semi-permanent solutions

To really save your time and minimize your effort, get your lashes and brows on fleek semi-permanently. If you haven’t already, the summer could be the perfect time to try out lash extensions, where individual fibres or fans are glued to your lashes one by one. They fall off as your own lashes naturally do. A good lash technician will make them as natural and full as you like, and they might last up to a month without a refill.  

An even more natural look can be achieved with lash lifts that dye and curl your lashes with chemicals. Many people use lash serums that boost the growth of lashes before and after the lifts to get the maximum effect.

For the eyebrows, besides traditional dyeing, consider lamination, microblading, or powder brows. Brow lamination, a chemical treatment, is great for a bushier look or setting the shape of the brows. 

Microblading is making shallow cuts to the skin with a blade to set the pigment in hair-like strokes. Powder brows are done with an extra-fine tattoo needle that can create a softer or ombré look. These methods don’t insert the pigment as deep as normal tattooing does, and the pigment differs from tattoo ink, so the results are not permanent and should last from a few months to a couple of years.

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