Remove discolouration from your teeth with a scientifically tested home whitening kit

An aesthetic and naturally beautiful smile is something you want to invest even more in, alongside other looks. Home teeth whitening is an ever-increasing method and now a solution suitable for those suffering from sensitive teeth is also available for its implementation.   

In our daily lives, our teeth are exposed to many external factors that are the biggest threat to maintaining a beautiful white smile. Tannin-containing beverages such as red wine and black tea, acidic fizzy drinks, and tobacco smoke are examples of substances that cause discolouration of teeth over time.   

Many certainly dream of whiter teeth, but going to a whitening clinic may not be the solution due to the high cost. In this sense, the home teeth whitening kit developed by Smileo offers a time-saving and money-saving option. It is an effective, safe and scientifically tested way to achieve naturally beautiful results.   

Quick help to remove stains

Smileo’s home whitening kit has acquired wide praise from customers and users report that visible results have been obtained with regular use of the product after just one week. Behind the effectiveness lies the unique PAP substance in the whitening gel, which removes discolouration quickly, effectively and without damaging tooth enamel. 10 minutes of daily use is enough, and while Smileo makes your smile shine, you can relax on your favourite TV show, for example, on your own sofa.   

Essi is one of the satisfied users of the whitening kit who has noticed Smileo’s effectiveness as a remover of discolouration and darkening. She comments on her experience as follows: “I have been using the product for a week now and I already notice a clear difference from the former. The product effectively but gently removes darkening caused by food and drink. I use it for 10 minutes when applying make-up in the morning and that’s it”, Essi says about the benefits of the product.  Read more about the Smileo home whitening kit here.

Do not let aching teeth be an obstacle to a beautiful smile

Several other home whitening methods still use hydrogen peroxide as the active substance. However, there are certain problems with the use of hydrogen peroxide. Most whitening procedures with hydrogen peroxide still take place by a dentist at dental clinics. The substance content in home whitening kits may be unnecessarily high and a large amount of hydrogen peroxide at a time causes nasty side effects, such as acid attacks and toothache. If you have sensitive teeth or regularly suffer from symptoms related to aching to begin with, you should immediately forget about hydrogen peroxide whitening.   

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Smileo teeth whitening kit is a pioneer in this respect. Whitening gel with only natural ingredients is a safe and painless option for anyone looking for a whiter smile. Many of the satisfied users of the product have been looking for the right whitening method for their teeth and have found the undeniable benefits of Smileo.  You can read about the results they have achieved here.  

100% Satisfaction guarantee or money back

At Smileo, we are sure that you will enjoy using a teeth whitening kit and achieve results quickly. That is why we give you a promise of how the product works: if you do not achieve two shades of whiter teeth after seven days of use, you will get your money back.  

A naturally beautiful smile has a significant impact on both you and the external environment. Explore the Smileo teeth whitening kit in more detail by clicking the link below and take the first step towards a showy, natural white smile.   

Read more about the Smileo teeth whitening kit

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