On the move bundle

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The Smileo Teeth Whitening Strips & Charcoal Whitening Powder combo is recommended for the active person today. Our teeth whitening strips are nearly invisible and you can use them anywhere!

This bundle includes:

✔️14 whitening strip treatments for a 2-week whitening course
✔️Smileo Activated Charcoal powder for maintaining whitening results

Visible results immediately after the first use.

With Smileo whitening you will see the first results immediately after the first use. Our gentle and natural products are great for: doing the 7 days power whitening treatment or for maintaining your everyday bright and white smile.
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2 week whitening course & 6 month maintenance in one

Use Smileo 3D whitening strips to brighten your smile up to 8 shades and charcoal powder to maintain long-lasting results. You can expect to see the first changes right after the first use!

  • 3D whitening strips

    Smileo 3D whitening strips are one of our top selling products for a reason - they’re extremely easy, quick and hassle-free to use. Our 3D whitening strips are nearly invisible and so comfortable to use you might even forget they are on your teeth, so just remember to remove them after 30 minutes of use! The Fangtastic Bundle includes enough strips for a 2 week course once a day, which should give you best results.

  • Smileo Activated Charcoal Powder

    Smileo charcoal whitening powder made from 100% coconut shell - the perfect companion to our strips for maintaining your smile bright for longer. We recommend to start using it after the 2 week whitening course with 3D strips. Good news if you like coffee, red wine and other foods that might stain your teeth.

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