PAP – safe and suitable substance for teeth whitening 

Home teeth whitening achieves spectacular results with already a week’s regular use. However, the starting point in choosing the right whitening kit should be dental safety.  
Many have certainly come across the dream of whiter teeth when looking in the mirror. Over time, our teeth lose their natural whiteness and the main reason for this is the colourants that come with daily food and beverages. Red wine and tea, coffee, acidic fizzy drinks, and the changes caused by tobacco are all likely to increase tooth discolouration. 
Home teeth whitening is a quick and much cheaper option than dental clinics to restore a natural white smile. However, there are considerable differences in the quality of the whitening kits on the market. Ease of use and quick, visible results are important factors for the consumer making the purchase decision. In addition to these, the user experience is increasingly influenced by the painlessness and safety of the whitening process for those with sensitive teeth.  
Smileo has developed fast and painless teeth whitening kit, where the primary active substance of the whitening gel is PAP. 
What is PAP?  
Abbreviation PAP that is lead from the words Phtalimido – Peroxy – Caproid Acid is the main active substance in the Smileo teeth whitening kit. It is an effective substance that oxidises and whitens teeth when it comes in contact with stained teeth.  
In addition to removing discolouration, the molecules of PAP have many other positive effects on oral health. The molecules prevent the formation of bacteria in the mouth and at the same time prevent the accumulation of dental plaque. The problem with traditional whitening methods has been that they have caused acid attacks that are detrimental to tooth enamel and gums. PAP, on the other hand, is 100% safe for gums and enamel, allowing it to be used carefree for all tooth types.  
The use of hydrogen peroxide in bleaching should be abandoned

Hydrogen peroxide has previously been popular as an active substance in both laser treatments in whitening clinics and home whitening. Hydrogen peroxide is undeniably an effective way to remove discolouration and darkening, but it can have detrimental effects on the health of oral mucous membranes and dentine. These non-wanted side effects occur after the use of hydrogen peroxide, including sensitivity of the teeth and gums, burns to the oral mucous membrane, or tooth enamel allergy.  
Whitening gel containing Smileo’s PAP desires to minimize the adverse effects on oral health. Studies have shown that the PAP substance poses a significantly lower risk compared to hydrogen peroxide whitening processes.

Proven efficacy between PAP and hydrogen peroxide

The use of PAP in home teeth whitening is not only in favour of safety and painlessness in terms of the end result, but has also been proven to be equivalent to the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide in whitening. The diagram below illustrates a study comparing whitening solutions containing PAP and hydrogen peroxides.  

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It is clear from the results that the PAP compounds described by the green cross line achieved at least the same result in the test as the hydrogen peroxide-based whitening gels shown by the blue line. Most importantly, the test clearly showed that the PAP teeth whitening gel was a much more reliable and safer solution for the user.  

Results quickly, safely and efficiently at home

Alongside expensive laser whitening treatments, fortunately there are successful home teeth whitening treatments that save a great deal of time and money. Smileo home whitening kit is a pioneer in terms of dental and oral well-being, as its active substance is PAP, which is safe for gums, teeth and oral mucous membrane, instead of hydrogen peroxide.   

Who would not dream of the same naturally beautiful smile we once had? Smileo has already helped numerous satisfied users restore a natural white and beautiful smile. Learn more about customer stories and Smileo’s unique teeth whitening kit below.  

Read more about the Smileo teeth whitening kit

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