How to use Smileo Teeth Whitening Kit?

  1. Charge the LED activator for 30 minutes (micro-usb cable not included).
  2. Gently brush your teeth with non-whitening toothpaste.
  3. Use the attached Teeth Whitening Shade guide to identify your current teeth colour. Write down the shade which is the closest to your current tone of teeth. Take a picture, so you could compare the results and see the progress! 
  4. Attach the silicone mouth tray to the LED Activator.
  5. Open the gel applicator and attach the provided syringe tip (it will make applying small amounts of gel easier). 
  6.  Apply a total of 1.5 ml of gel to the inner face of the mouth tray, (top & bottom). Try to apply the gel to the silicone mould’s inner front surface (not the bottom) so that the gel covers the front of your teeth. 
  7. Put the device in your mouth and turn it on by pressing the button on the top on the LED Activator.
  8. The built-in timer will switch off automatically after 10 minutes and a red light will turn on. 
  9. You have finished your first teeth whitening treatment! Rinse your mouth from any gel residue. 
  10. Deattach the silicone mouth tray from the LED activator and wash it thoroughly. 
  11. Enjoy your whitening journey for 6 consecutive days. Compare your results with the provided Teeth Whitening Shade Guide and the first photo you took before treatment. Share your love for your smile with the world on social media, tag @thesmileo and use a #smileo, or send us your before/after photos to! 
  12. Maintain your bright smile for longer, include Smileo Teeth Whitening Kit in your beauty routine once every 2 weeks, or repeat the whitening treatment course every 2 months. Order Smlieo Whitening Kit Refills or subscribe here, to receive the Kit Refills just when you need them.
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