How to maintain a bright smile

Who doesn’t wish for a bright Hollywood smile? Having a perfect smile is one of the cornerstones of a person’s confidence. But what if you haven’t been born with naturally white teeth? Continue reading as we will share some amazing tips on how to achieve and maintain the perfect smile.

Since the ancient Egyptians, people have strived for whiter teeth as a sign of wealth and prosperity. In the year 2021 nothing much has changed – we still admire the smiles of celebrities and put a lot of effort and money to look alike. Even in the human body language smiling is a universal sign of happiness, it’s not only a great ice breaker but also causes others to answer with the same positive reaction. Did you know that a smile contributes most to first impressions? This survey shows that forty-eight percent of respondents believe that a smile is the most memorable feature after first meeting someone. It’s no wonder that we care so much not only about the health of our teeth but also about our looks, as we directly link it to our overall appearance and our confidence level. Most of us know how to use an Instagram filter and/or edit our pictures to make our smiles appear brighter, therefore, make us feel more pretty and confident about ourselves – at least online. You’ll find tricks to make your smile look brighter in real life if you continue to read this article. 

What is tooth discoloration and what are the causes? 

Keeping the smile white and bright is a struggle that we’re all facing on a daily basis. Even if you’re among the few lucky people who have a naturally white smile, with time, most likely, you will notice changes on your pearly whites – it’s called tooth discoloration.

Basically, if your teeth don’t look as bright or white as they should, if they darken, or develop white or dark spots in places, you have tooth discoloration. We have listed some of the most common reasons for external teeth discoloration: 

  • Coffee – probably the most common reason for darker teeth; 
  • Tea and other dark-coloured beverages;
  • Wine (and not only the red wine!);
  • Coloured food, berries, dark sauces and spices;
  • Smoking. 

If you are not ready to give up all of the above mentioned, we have good news – there are plenty of ways to maintain your dentition attractive. 

8 tips for maintaining a bright smile

Make your teeth look brighter, without painful, expensive whitening treatments and long hours at the dentist office. 

These simple and ingenious tips and tricks will make you wonder, why didn’t you try it sooner! Follow our instructions and love your smile.

  1. Prevent tooth staining before it happens – rinse your mouth (or brush) after consuming staining foods;
  2. Use a straw when drinking coffee and other dark coloured drinks;
  3. Eat more raw vegetables and fruits, while you’re chewing it will help clean off the plaque.
  4. Include plenty of calcium in your diet, it will strengthen your enamel and prevent the yellow underneath the dentin layer from ‘’shining through’’.
  5. Moisturize and exfoliate your lips. Softer and smoother-looking lips will make any smile more attractive. A lip scrub & lip balm should be a part of your oral health routine.
  6. Choose a plum-toned lipstick or a lip gloss with silver shimmer. The blue and silver tones will make your teeth visually whiter;
  7. Contouring –  use a highlighter or concealer around the edge of your lips and taupe toned bronzer for your face. This simple trick will make your lips appear fuller and teeth whiter.
  8. Start using Smileo Home Teeth Whitening Kit and get up to 8 shades whiter teeth, it will give you a professionally whitened teeth look, at the comfort of your home.
    Order Smileo Whitening Refill Gels to repeat the brightening when you need it. The new and improved formula will guarantee effective and painless whitening even for sensitive teeth. 

We hope you have found everything you need to know about how to maintain the perfect smile. For more tips, smile goals and daily inspiration follow Smileo on Instagram and Facebook.

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