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Smileo products aim to resolve discoloration from extrinsic factors, which most often have the biggest impact on teeth staining.

Smileo can help whiten stains from:

Why do we stress that Smileo is Hydrogen Peroxide free?

The truth of the matter is pretty simple – although widely used for at home whitening, hydrogen peroxide can be very harmful to the health of oral mucosa and dentin, usually in the form of teeth and gum sensitivity, oral mucosa burns and dentin allergies.

PAP - the safest and most efficient formula
for at home whitening

Not only does it pose less risk to you, it has been proven to match the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide

Moreover, by comparing the new whitening gels with hydrogen peroxide (HP, the traditional whitening inredients) gels, the whitening effect of polymer composite gels with 5% PAP were equivalent to the gels with 3% HP, and the composite gels with 12% PAP were also equally to the gels with 8% HP. More importantly, it was proved that PAP tooth whitening gel was much safer and more reliable than HP based products. It indicated that PAP based tooth whitening products can replace low-concentration peroxide teeth whitening gel in the home-market.”

J.Quin, L.Zeng, W.Min et al. Composites Communications: A bio-safety tooth-whitening composite gels with novel phthalimide peroxy caproic acid 

Legal status for using Hydrogen Peroxide (HP) for at home whitening from 2013

European markets allow 0.1% of hydrogen peroxide (HP) for over-the-counter products and up to 6% at the dentists office under close inspection of a professional.

100% Vegan

Cruelty free

BPA free

Advanced PAP formula

Results speak for themselves

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We have absolute confidence you’ll enjoy your Smileo Teeth Whitening kit  experience – if you do not achieve at least 2 shades whiter teeth, contact our support team and we’ll refund your purchase!

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