Teeth Whitening Solutions for Coffee Lovers

2 minutes | September 30th, 2020

Most of the Coffee aficionados will have noticed the yellowing effect, that coffee leaves on the teeth. For this reason, Smileo has figured out a way how to change that.

Oral care company Smileo offers natural whitening products that can maintain your smile white and bright. Despite consuming many cups of coffee on daily basis, Smileo products can eliminate the traces left on your teeth.

Heidi Halonen, a digital entrepreneur, blogger, and mother of two shares her experience with Smileo.
”My teeth haven’t been sparkly white for at least a decade, if not two, because of the love and need for coffee. In fact, I have even studied various do-it-yourself methods for teeth whitening, but have never tried them. Finally, I decided to start testing if my teeth could get whiter with Smileo products.”

Heidi’s experience: Smileo Teeth Whitening Kit is easy to use

”To my surprise, the Whitening Kit was easy to use:
1. Brush your teeth,
2. Attach the mouth mold to the LED Light device,
3. Apply the whitening gel to the mold,
4. Use it for 10-30 min,
5. Rinse your mouth & wash the mold.”

”Honestly, my starting color of teeth was, well, pretty yellow. In other words, Almost to the point, I was ashamed to smile.
The first time using the Smileo Kit was pretty exciting. In the beginning, I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing but with good pictorial instructions, it all worked out. Although the hardest for me was holding the device in my mouth (I have a small jaw) in each time it became easier.”

The Results:

”Before, I was a little skeptical about the experiment, even though teeth whitening (one way or another) had been in my plans for a long time. However, after 7 days of use and carefully comparing the different shades of the initial shade of my teeth, it must be noted that they have brightened at least 2 shades! In fact, I think I would have gotten even better results if I had been more patient to hole the device in my mouth longer every day. (The time for me was usually 10 minutes and even shorter at the beginning). All in all, just 10 minutes is definitely enough to see the results!”

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