Smileo – Teeth Whitening Alternative

2 minutes | September 8th, 2020

A smile is like a business card – it gives the first impression of a person. Therefore more and more people are looking to invest in a beautiful, healthy smile. Although there are many options for getting that desired white smile, teeth whitening procedures are the most popular.
In this article Smileo user Sonja shares her experience with home whitening products.

”I have wanted to try teeth whitening for a long time, but haven’t been willing to invest as much as the dental whitening costs at my dentist.
I have noticed my teeth becoming a bit yellow, even though I don’t smoke. Turns out, teeth discoloration is also caused by many foods and drinks, like coffee and tea, as well as wine. My teeth’ worst enemy is probably cola drinks, which have certainly affected their color. When I found out about Smileo home whitening products, I was intrigued.” 

Smileo Teeth Whitening Kit comes with a user manual.

Sonja’s experience with Smileo Teeth Whitening products.

”I first tried Smileo Teeth Whitening Kit, it includes a LED light device and 3 ready-to-use syringes of whitening gel. The LED light attaches to a silicone mold for the upper and lower teeth, in which the whitening gel is applied.
Each session time is only 10 minutes and visible results can be expected already after the first use. The results, of course, depend on the starting color of the teeth. The device is really easy to use and once you have used all whitening gel, you can order more Whitening Gel for the next sessions.”

”I also have tested Smileo 3D Teeth Whitening Strips. The soft strips are individually packaged for single use. The package contains 14 strip sets for the upper and lower teeth. The strips fit well on the teeth and the taste is neutral. Each whitening session takes 30 minutes, but you can easily talk during it, which makes it even more convenient.”

Smileo 3D Whitening Strips can be easily used even when traveling.

”The results have been convincing. My teeth no longer have the yellow shade. The products were really easy and pleasant to use and I will continue whitening with Smileo in the future.”

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