10 best quarantine tips to keep you busy at home!

5 minutes | March 17th, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 or AKA CoronaVirus outbreak many of us are staying home, working from home or studying from home. It is highly recommended in order  to minimize the risk of catching the virus to keep away from crowded public places, when outside distancing yourself from other people, follow strict personal hygiene and stay home as much as possible. 

Now if you are upset that you are not able to socialize and do not know how to make the best of all the spare time that you’ve got, here is a guide: 10 things to do at Home during the Quarantine. 

1. Relax and don’t panic, Everyone else is going through quarantine as you are. Remember you are not the only one. Try to think positively, make the most of the spare time you got, maybe meditate, if you can’t stay home anymore and you are feeling claustrophobic , go on a balcony or your backyard breathe in some fresh air. Spend some quality time with your family or pets. You might actually enjoy getting to know them better;) 

2. Social media is going to be your best friend, we can’t deny it. But our best friends can sometimes also be a bad influence on us. Try to avoid all the fake news and unreliable data on the internet. If you would like to learn more about the virus, read official statements from the World Health Organization etc, not a tweet from your uncle’s friend. There are plenty of memes to cheer you up, plenty of funny videos. You can even make some yourself, go and be creative! You can always use Social Media to your benefit, share your personal experience, talk to your friends, Skype, Facetime or whatever app you use, sharing your fears and struggles, or better your positive vibes will definitely help you and your friends go through the quarantine more enjoyable than you think. 

3. Quarantine&Chill It is the best time to finally watch all the movies and series you wanted to watch but never had time to. Grab a cup of hot chocolate and get under the blanket, make yourself comfortable and let the marathon begin! Don’t forget the popcorn!

4. Time to read some Books! Now that you have plenty of spare time why not dig out a great book you have been putting aside and enjoy it to the fullest. You can also listen to audiobooks, podcasts or Ted talks if you are not a bookworm. 

5. Invest your time in self development. This is a great opportunity to actually invest your time in your education and self development. There are various online courses on almost anything you would like to learn. Go ahead, dive in and upgrade yourself!  

6. Games, games, games! Yaaay, you can play games! You can play board games with your family, or online/video games with your friends. There are so many options out there just pick one, two or three.. You can play as many as you like, there is plenty of time to enjoy whatever game you would like to play.. So go nuts! 

7. Time for Self Care. It is definitely a great time to treat yourself at home. Take that bubble bath, put on a nice homemade face mask, and most importantly keep your teeth clean and bright.  Now is not the time to stop the beauty routine, remember to dress for success even if you are at home! It is also a great time to add to your routine and we really recommend getting a Smileo kit and surprise the people at the office or school once you are back with your Hollywood smile!

8. Yoga and sports. Staying home does not mean you have to give up on sports. You can still stay fit and healthy by exercising indoors. You can start doing yoga, or workout without leaving your bedroom. There are many fun workouts you can do, and make the most of your spare time. Stay safe but also active, you can achieve it all from home. If you need some extra help, YouTube has some really great DIY classes..

9. Eat, Drink and Have Fun! Now it is a perfect time to level up  your cooking skills. You can experiment, learn new recipes and just enjoy good food. Food is an experience, make great ones, as you have time for it! 

10. It is your time to shine! Finally it is time to get back on the hobbies you have, or always wanted to get, and be creative! Learn to play the guitar you have been using as a decoration in your room for years, take that brush in your hands and let the magic work, try your writing skills, or knit sweaters for all of your family members. It is a great opportunity to master what you are good at, or even better to begin with gaining new skills and create your own masterpieces. 

I hope these 10 things will help you get through the quarantine period with a smile!