Hollywood white smile with ZERO sensitivity

3 minutes | July 2nd, 2020

Painless home teeth whitening with Smileo delivers results.

Are you one of the people who dream about the perfect Hollywood smile? A bright smile usually is the cornerstone of a person’s confidence, but it is not easy to achieve. Until now.
Before, to achieve the smile you desire you would have to go through the painful and expensive whitening treatments at the dentist. Likewise, give up the daily dose of coffee, refreshing soft drinks, or the occasional glass of wine. Now there’s an easier way to acquire your dream smile—Smileo teeth whitening products.

”I couldn’t wait to try them.”

For Smileo it’s important to receive user reviews and share their experiences while the results talk for themselves. We’re happy that yet another UK blogger has shared her whitening journey with Smileo.

Chynna is no stranger to home whitening products. She has used many over the years and unfortunately also experienced some inconveniences, like burnt gum. When introduced to Smileo 100% natural and peroxide-free products she couldn’t wait to try them out.

Posing with Smileo Whitening strips and Whitening gel
Chynna tried out Smileo Teeth Whitening Kit and 3D Whitening Strips.

”Results can be achieved with only ten minutes of use per day.” 

Smileo Teeth Whitening Kit promises to make teeth up to 8 shades whiter in only 7 days. ” I found the kit simple to use and loved that such great results can be achieved with only ten minutes use per day. I found the mouth tray pretty comfortable and it held against my teeth well and best of all I experienced NO sensitivity at all. The UV light is of great quality and much stronger in brightness than others I have used in the past. I think this kit would be perfect for the time-conscious, it’s compact and speedy with fantastic results.”

Chynna's before and after results
Before and After using Smileo Teeth Whitening.

”From the moment I used these strips I loved them.”

” I have struggled in the past to get whitening strips to stick to my lower teeth. The shape of the lower strip is cleverly thought out and shaped for the perfect fit. The soft, thin strips are almost invisible on your teeth and are made from coconut shell! I found the strips really comfortable, they have no nasty tastes and loved that I could still talk with them on my teeth. I saw instant results after using them and again experienced absolutely no sensitivity.”

 ”My teeth feel strong, look great, and have left me with a Hollywood white smile with ZERO sensitivity.”

Chynna tells that since using Smileo products, she feels so much more confident with her smile in photos and real life. Moreover, she has gained a confidence boost and has received compliments about her white teeth.
”I recommend Smileo to those who are looking to reverse years of stains on their teeth, without spending a fortune on doing it professionally. It’s a quick, and effective method at a fraction of the price it would be at the dentist. I love that Smileo products contain no nasties and I can truly see and feel the difference between using chemical-based products in the past and natural products from Smileo now.”
As can bee seen in the photos, in just 7 days Chynna has gone from the shade 5 to 1- the brightest shade.

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