2 minutes | February 27th, 2020

Easy and consistent ways of maintaining teeth

Yes, whitening your teeth makes your teeth white.
No, the results won’t last forever.
You can always whiten your teeth again to maintain the results, but there are plenty of little things you can do to make the results last longer and therefore whiten your teeth less often!

Here are our best 5 tips to maintain whiter teeth:

1. Drink less coffee – or even better, drink it with a straw!

Coffee is probably the most common reason for darker teeth. And oh, so delicious and needed!
We all know it’s tough to skip the coffee especially on Mondays and long days. Anyhow – try baby steps.
Try reducing the amount of coffee you drink each day.
Before you notice, you might be drinking a lot less than you used to! That means less stress for your teeth!
And yes, the straw. Sounds funny but it helps.

2. Avoid other colouring drinks

Red wine, black sodas, tea… As sad as it is, many of our favourite drinks happen to be the enemies of our white teeth. What we can do is to simply try to drink less of them. Maybe choose another drink instead.
The great thing is that we don’t have to cut them out totally – that’s why affordable home teeth whitening kits are a lifesaver!

3. Quit smoking

The biggest enemies to your teeth. And well, to your health too. Avoid smoking to keep your smile bright and your body happy!

4. Eat less colouring foods

Surprisingly there are quite many spices and foods that colour our teeth.
To mention a few of the common ones : tomato-based meals, curries, dark sauces and some dark fruits and berries.

5. Drink more water!

Yes, as simple as that!
Drinking water does not only keep you hydrated and healthy but keeps your teeth happy too!
It’s not only good for your oral health but it rinses your mouth and teeth, helping to keep unwanted food stains and other substances away.